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PoE: When a New Map 'Generation' Comes Out What Happens?

  • Today we are sharing with you about the new Map Stash Tab that we found on the POE forums. One Map Stash Tab can store the equivalent of dozens of regular Stash Tabs and comes with the added convenience of an in-built sorting system. It's also possible to name your tabs and make them public for trading! If you have legacy maps from Path of Exile's past, you can right click on your Map Tab while it's empty to change what series of maps it is set to, as it can only hold maps from one series at a time. Different series are indicated by different background map art.


    You probably hear this too often (and it’s well deserved), but stuff like this is why I never regret spending money on PoE. GGG and his team consistently go above and beyond in interacting with the community and implementing quality suggestions.


    I think it's awesome. There's some things that I'd like to see as quality of life buffs.Being able to just click the 'relic chambers map' button to take out one of the map. Even if it's just a random one or always a normal one. That'd be pretty nice. As it is I'm pretty much forced to click on the IV, then on the icon and then on a map.


    Being able to store 2-3 slots of PoE currency items in the map. That way I can at least alch it. Having to do 3 clicks to get a map and then afterwards also go to a different tab to alch it seems inconvenient.


    When I CTRL click the map into the stash tab it seems to take half a second to put it on the right tab. Is this a bug? It seems like selecting the right tab is a client side thing. My PC is pretty fast.


    When I search for a map it only selects from the stash tab I'm currently on. I see why this is, but if I want a certain map and don't know the tier i'm boned.


    Otherwise the map is pretty awesome.


    Being able to sort the maps by "Not done yet" Seems incredible function. For more information about poe news, please click here.

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