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The Emergence of A Extremely OP Items in Path of Exile

  • I really like the new league and atlas so far, there's no PVP that would make this in any way competitive and it's not like you get one of those extremely OP items very easy. They still are worth very much and you need extreme luck or long playtime to get one or two.


    Also: Can't compare gear from someone playing 24/7 to the normal player.


    Personally I've been on the fence as to if this is even real "powercreep". I mean most players these days play 1 button builds... And some of them MAYBE swap Inc. AOE for Conc at bosses.


    A 6L One hander, helm or glove shaper rare gives a second button or 3rd button that has 6L-ish power potential.


    Since when did most people want to press a second button? So in effect that 2nd 6L-ish setup is probably in most cases just a 100% QoL upgrade, for not having to swap gems at the door to the boss.


    Now where will it add power? Welp hipster builders probably love these. These can help a mid tier skill be better or be instrumental in making builds that feel like playing a Piano into something powerful. So people like me certainly get excited by them. But a powerful musical instrument build is still not going to be something CuteDog wants to play. Anyone that already liked Heirophant's Illuminated Devotion pseudo 5L's that can now be pseudo 8L-ish. I mean it already wasn't as bad as people like to think, in fact it's been downright underrated at least in my opinion... Now it's... well it's probably still underrated. But it can form the basis for some musical instrument builds, I'm coining that term right here right now (I think) lets see if it gains traction.


    I'm also conflicted about it also, but when you think about it, we didn't really have much progression for items past a certain point. "People with a lot of PoE currency were always able to craft those 550dps One handers" your talking something like 1000exalts to craft a 550 pdps one hander like that unless you duped someone who didn't know what they had (and used meta crafting + eternals).


    These new items extend the time you can spend gearing out a character and actually make it worth farming ilvl 85/86 gear. Each character will probably feel more unique based on which shaper/elder items you can build around, like Dan's helmet and going kaom's while preserving shield charge. If they left the previous power level the same we wouldn't desire/need these new items because we could already deploy the cheese and destroy everything.


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