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Franck Muller Vanguard Pixel Replica watch V 45 SCDT PXL ST NR

  • Urwerk UR-110 EastWood, custom send to "torpedo"

    Since its launch in 2011, the Urwerk UR-110 has accumulated an impressive product line, including seven changes in its ranking, and the Best Design Watch Award by the GPHG.Urwerk UR-103 Red Gold price, In order to send out the UR-110 style, Urwerk founders Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner created EastWood, a tailor-made and polished finish for the watch's high-tech satellite display architecture. To achieve this, they chose Timothy Everest, a tailor in London, to make a strap, and fair traded wood from South Africa and Indonesia as a bezel. The result is a perfect blend of vintage style and custom craftsmanship.

    EastWood's defining style is partly derived from wooden bezels. There are two different borders on EastWood: Macassar Ebony in Indonesia or Red Ivory in South Africa. Hardwood is fair trade and sustainable sourcing. Macassar ebony is one of the hardest and densest woods on the planet, and carving to such strict standards is one of the biggest challenges in producing watches.

    The case itself (47 mm in span and 16 mm in height) is made of a grade 5 titanium alloy, which contrasts unexpectedly with the precious wood and geometry of the dial interior. Large screws and visible machinery at work provide an unusual environment for handmade wood, but it does work.Franck Muller VANGUARD YACHTING ANCHOR SKELETON V45S6PRSQTANCREFMYACHT

    Like all UR-110s, EastWood is also equipped with a UR-9.01 movement. The winding "turbine" is still visible on the rear of the watch, while the dial features three drift-hour modules around the rotating satellite complications. When the hour module passes the arched minute track, the time can be read easily and effectively even if half the watch is tucked under the cuff.

    To complement the wooden bezel, Urwerk hired Timothy Everest from the UK to help provide tailor-made strap options. Everest is a celebrity and royal tailor (apart from Fry and Baumgartner himself), who uses traditional materials as the basis for his forward-looking style. Faithful to the form, he suggested using Tweed as the belt for EastWood. Among the available patterns are the original Prince of Wales plaid, worn by the Duke of Windsor, with brown and blue ivory fabrics.

    UR-110 EastWood is a song of 110 Swans, which goes beyond the typical color scheme. Thanks to the non-traditional collaboration with Everest, unique materials bring a welcome change in rhythm and texture to the brand.high quality replica watches

    Launch of Urwerk UR-106 Lotus

    Urwerk just released their first women's watch, the UR-106 Lotus, and it's not disappointing. Since its founding in 1997, this new Lotus watch has demonstrated Urwerk's creativity and complexity.

    Lotus embraces the Urwerk aesthetic wholeheartedly and uses the brand's signature satellite hours in a whole new way. Three satellite hours were constructed in a three-part carousel similar to a flower. Each satellite carries four hour numbers that move along the minute scale. In addition, there is a moon phase made of lapis, which adds to the complexity of the watch.

    The UR-106 Lotus is available in two versions: a titanium version with diamonds on the bezel, crown and buckle; and a black PVC-coated titanium steel and black diamond setting. The dimensions of the watch are 35 mm wide x 49.4 mm long x 14.45 mm high.

    Despite being branded as "women's watches," I think this should be considered a neutral watch and not anything else-although I also think that Urwerk wants to celebrate women especially as a great thing. Obviously, this watch is a product of passion, not the pressure to create a watch for women, which is very refreshing.https://www.chronosale.co


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