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  • To accomplish this task you'll need an iron bar as well as a hammer, and other tools for RuneScape Gold ranging. Begin by speaking to the servant of Prince Anlaf. He'll suggest you go to the prince's dinner to speak with him. To make sure that the food is safe to eat, you'll have to test it. I...
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This isn't an armor question but spiders

  • Re-joining as a nostalgic gamer may not be the most RuneScape gold beneficial idea. The typical response is "If you don't like the game, go to another one and take it on." It's okay. However, I thought it wouldn't hurt if I asked for some suggestions. Who knows? Maybe I will have some fun.

    Other information: I am not likely to get mems anytime soon. I'm pretty poor (1k), but I bought 3 sets of rare armor. Str is highest at 93, with Range at 60+, and Magic being 72 iirc. Decent amount of food I stocked up to prepare for clan wars (mostly Tuna and a bunch of lobs that were not cooked), Explorers Ring 4 with free food too.

    I'd continue to dunge even if it wasn't because of the time it takes to clear a mound. What's changed with dunging in the past 1.5 years? I'd be happy to play as a male ~.~), I am in-game just to have fun with others.

    How has armour changed with all the changes in combat? And what is the current state of change? From what I can see, there are two questions. 1. Does armour no longer grant attack bonuses. 2. What incentives do I require to wear my class-appropriate gear? The new d'hide/purple robes/rune appear to provide the same life and defense advantages. What is the mechanism behind this? Are these robes as secure as rune? Why would I wear rune?

    Theoretically, because offensive bonuses no longer come form armor, if a safespotting mage/archer is a skilled archer/safespotting mage/archer then wearing inferior armor should not put me at more disadvantage than someone with the most powerful armor. Is that correct?

    This isn't an armor question but spiders are easy to squash. How can I determine their weaknesses with other weapons? What is the best way to determine which element of spell is best suited to combating them, or what kind of ammunition I should use? Or should I just forget all about using melee against them

    I've heard that a lot of weapons are now balanced. Does this apply to armor too? AKA: Will I be able use chain mail to crush enemy without losing my defensive bonuses? Did Square shields and Medium helmets also get changes? The update isn't clear enough for me, and OSRS buy gold I'm trying to comprehend it. Any help is appreciated. We appreciate your help.