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Reaching the highest level of Lost Ark is just the beginning of

  • Lost Ark is mainly to upgrade your main character and a set of alternative characters. Because the real core content in the game is most of the endgame content. So you have two directions in the game, one is to access the endgame content faster to speed up the upgrade process, and the other is to spend some time to become a completer.

    The current world record for reaching the highest level of Lost Ark is about 10 hours. But for new players, it may take 15-20 hours to reach level 50, but this is still relatively fast in MMO.

    However, reaching the highest level is just the beginning of your Lost Ark journey. You also need to focus on upgrading some alternative characters in the game. Because a lot of the endgame content that is locked after the time has stopped can be completed by your main character during the process of upgrading your replacement character, although you can only complete a set of daily tasks and explore two to three endgame raids/dungeons every day .

    But you can speed up the progress of the game during this process or spend some time to complete the sidequests. Many experienced players will recommend new players to accelerate to the final stage, because the content after that will be very interesting and there are many rewards. But if you want to enjoy the game, then you can take your time.

    In addition, in the latest patch, in order to enter PvP mode, you no longer need to upgrade to level 50, but you can play when you reach level 27.

    So reaching the highest level of Lost Ark as soon as possible has many benefits, because you will be able to experience more interesting content in the future game journey. But it should be noted that Lost Ark Gold will occupy a very important position in the subsequent game process, and they will be used in many subsequent activities, so you need to prepare sufficient Lost Ark Gold in advance. https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold is a website dedicated to selling Lost Ark Gold. If you want to speed up the acquisition of Lost Ark Gold, you can go there.