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When buying a used mobile

  • There are many ways to buy manufactured Container Houses and it can be confusing when it comes time to make a choice. You'll find mobile homes available for sale by owner, for sale by realtor, new, used, private sales and sales by dealers. Each of these can be appropriate depending on the circumstances of the buyer. But there are several advantages to buying from mobile home dealers. Let's compare a few of the reasons you may want to go this route.

    Although you may find that dealer pricing is less affordable than buying used, in the long run you may actually be spending your money wisely. Dealer lots are filled with brand-new, fresh from the factory homes. Everything is expertly finished and in perfect working order. There are no leaky roofs, no faulty electrical system, and no squeaky floors. Carpets are fresh and clean and laminate flooring is scuff free and lustrous. If you were to buy a used home, the same could not be set of it. Although you might get into a previously owned mobile home at a very affordable price, you may find the expenses quickly adding up if you find that carpeting needs to be replaced, rewiring needs to be done, or the roof needs to be repaired.

    Additionally you will not be covered by any sort of a warranty if you buy a used home. If anything goes wrong or malfunctions, you have no recourse but to pay for the repairs to be made. When buying a dealer home you can fall back on warrantees for many types of repairs during the first year. If there were some faulty wiring or plumbing, or your roof leaked for instance, your warrantees would provide for the repair of those items.

    Also, when buying a used mobile, or manufactured home, you can't be choosy with colors or design, as what you see is what you get. Mobile home dealers will frequently offer options such as custom carpet or paint color, choice of fixtures, and even some changes in floor plan layout. A dealer will often "throw in" a few extras just to sweeten the deal and close the sale. You likely won't get the same deal with buying a used home in a private sale.

    So when you are ready to purchase one of these Modified Shipping Container Home, at least give a dealer's lot a once over. Walk through some of the homes see how comfortable and attractive they are. Compare a couple of used homes of the same size and general floor plan. Chances are you'll find buying from mobile home dealers to be the right choice for you.