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  • Custom made Menu Game establishing rules: events, photographic camera angles, image exhibit, rules and appear setting. Image a static correction: adjust game settings; Basic control: verify key mapping functioning; EA account: Remove the EA consideration origin online info; Custom control: controller established, offensive set, shielding set custom;

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    Level of privacy Settings: choose whether to upload important computer data, in addition for the information you directly give you the EA. EA also accumulates some information to boost their products. In order to offer better service revisions, providing dynamic articles and product help. It will be an easy task to communicate with an individual and improve EA's products you use.



    Once you stop using info sharing, in addition for the anonymous data, EA will keep on gathering execution products necessary data.

    Function Setting Event size: select 3, some, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15 or 20 minutes because the time of any half game; Video game difficulty: based around the player's Cheap Fifa 18 Coins stage, choose player AI adversary difficulty (novices, semi-professional, professional, world-class, story).



    Referee: to choose specific referee to undertake each game, or perhaps randomly to selecte any referee; Game velocity: set the video game speed. increase the sport speed, player movement speed and time and energy to speed up; Video game Ball: select the looks of a video game ball. You can elect to automatically choose the ball in accordance with different events, weather conditions.