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So be sure to Tapping Screws hang

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    June 30, 2016

    So be sure to Tapping Screws  hang or pole mount such a feeder to keep your birds safe.

    I have found that the best poles come from the plumbing department at the nearest big box hardware store.

    They are available in long lengths which they will cut for you at the store. These pipes are inexpensive, very sturdy, and the galvanized metal lasts a long time in all kinds of weather.

    One end will be threaded so the right size fitting, also found in the plumbing department, will screw right on to the top of the pole.

    The fitting needs to be a threaded flat metal flange with screw holes. Use wood screws to attach the flange to the bottom of your feeder.

    Rotate the whole assembly into the threaded end of the pole and you're all set.

    On the other hand, you don't want the nails too low. The nail line on some shingles is so low, that nails which are only ½" below the line will be exposed.

    Those are called "shiners". They can rust out and leak over the years. Some manufacturers have created an alternate nailing zone that is higher on the shingle to avoid these problems.

    But it comes at the expense of 10 MPH in wind resistance, which is not acceptable as far as I'm concerned. It's better to just put the nails where they Hexagonal wood screws belong.