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Dr. Michael Omidi spotlights Richard Nares, the founder of The Emilio Nares Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing free transport for childhood cancer victims in Southern California. Dr. Omidi grew up in Orange County and attended the California State University, Los Angeles for his undergraduate studies. He received his MD degree from the Saint Louis University, Missouri with distinction in research. Dr. Omidi is a fully trained general surgeon and a fellowship trained plastic surgeon. After finishing additional training in craniofacial surgery in Miami, he moved back home to Los Angeles, California where he has a successful plastic and reconstructive surgery practice.

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A generation of children raised on sugary, salty and fatty snacks might now be paying the price in the form of kidney disease. Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a report that found as many as one-fifth of obese children could be on the verge of kidney failure. Childhood obesity is ravaging our kids; they are more vulnerable to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, gastro esophageal reflux disease and sleep apnea. Moreover, they are more prone to behavioral problems, anxiety and depression than their healthy-weight peers. With all of these serious health concerns, there is now one more that, if left unaddressed, might not be correctable with weight loss – kidney disease. http://www.dr-michael-omidi.com


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