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Aretha Franklin's 70th Birthday

  • Say your birthday greetings to the one and only Queen of Soul, Aretha Louise Franklin.

    Aretha Franklin just turned 70 this March 25 but this American singer, songwriter, and pianist still has a lot to show to the world. As a matter of fact, she is reuniting with one of her musical mentors, Clive Davis, for a new album.

    Franklin’s and Davis’ fans will certainly love their reunion. If you remember, it was Clive Davis who helped engineered Franklin’s comeback in the 1980s. Now, both will be working on new music. Recently, Franklin has re-signed with Davis so it really means that she will be working with Clive again. This is something people should look forward to.

    In an interview which made it to trending essay topics over the Web, Franklin told she planned to spend her 70th birthday relaxing with a paper, her feet up, and just watching TV. But actually, she hung out with friends last Saturday night. It seemed like Franklin is not celebrating her 70th but her 18th birthday.

    Next month, it will be Davis who will celebrating his birthday; Franklin revealed that after Davis’ birthday, they will be deciding what it is they’re going to record.