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3 Idiots: Three Reasons why I Love this Movie!

  • Hi! My name is Charlize and I am just new here. On my first blog, I wanted to share three reasons why I love watching the film “3 Idiots” over and over again. In case you haven't heard or watched it yet, “3 Idiots” holds the record as the highest-grossing Bollywood or Indian movie of all time. Well, why not? It stars Aamir Khan as the lead actor and supported by a powerful cast plus it has a story worth-telling to the general public.


    I first got a hold of its DVD from my cousin who lives in India now. He gave me a copy and told me to watch it because I would definitely love it. At that time, I was pretty frustrated and exhausted from finishing my research paper writing service tasks for school so I obliged to get rid of the stress. And after that, I watched it over and over again and started recommending it to my friends here in CA.


    First reason why I love this film is it starred Aamir Khan, one of the most gorgeous Indian guy I know and second, the story is really tear-jerker. It made me really cry a lot on how each of the situations developed and how hard education is in India. And lastly, it is the first Indian film I have watched and now I am hooked into watching more.