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Why is Hippodrome Casino a Place you Should Visit Once?

  • The Hippodrome Casino was first a circus but later on, changed into a theatre. Though the theatre is still there which you could enter through another gate, the place had spread out to accommodate into it a casino, restaurant, and six bars. Thus, this is one of the places that are a must-visit. With it, you would be able to enjoy the various delicacies and drinks that are there. You could also give the famous steak delicacies a try and would not be disappointed.

    What are the Things you could do at the Casino

    At Hippodrome, the options when it comes to playing games are exhaustive. You get access to everything which are among the most popular games and would surely help you have a great time with your friends. It is just not one floor where the game centre is located, with more than 47 table games, you have lots of options when it comes to playing. You have to go through several floors to check them all out. Also, there are more than 100 slot machines that you could go for; giving the games a try would be worth it. Also, with six bars located all around the Hippodrome casino, you could have a drink at all of them. Enjoy steaks at the Heliot Steak House

    Play Roulette at Hippodrome Casino

    Roulette is French for ‘little wheel, and on this wheel, you would find 36 numbers and a 0. But do not get it confused with ’00’ as often in American tables you would find a number with ’00.

    • Go for various play Roulette bets that are there, including Straight, Split, Street, Square, Six Line, Colours, Dozens, Highs, Odds, Even and Columns. The options are endless. With free WI-FI, private dining, wheelchair facility, you would surely have an experience of a lifetime there.