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Review of Necessary Elements of Atavistic Wedding Dress


    Master Wen told us that there is close relationship between the price, performance characteristics and the fabric. There are various kinds of fabrics for the manufacturing of wedding dresses. The common fabrics include satin, silk, chiffon, organza and crepe. Satin, lace and tulle also became the mainstream of wedding dress fabric.

    wedding dresses

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    Duet to thick texture, strong draping, good heat retention, satin is suitable for spring wedding, autumn wedding and winter wedding. It is suitable for A-Line dress or Mermaid to highlight the grand feeling. Thick satin is also applied in court dress and monarch train with pearly luster. It is the main fabric for wedding dresses. There are 2 kinds: domestic and import.


    Lace is considered as auxiliary material originally. It has crafted luxurious feeling and some specialty to express romance. It began to be used as the main fabric. Generally speaking, it is applied in column or chapel train. The price of import lace especially French lace is a little expensive while domestic lace is cheaper. There are various kinds of lace, embroidered lace or beaded lace is rather cheap both domestic and abroad.


    It can be used as the main fabric or auxiliary material in parts to highlight romantic and hazy beauty. It is suitable in the whole year. It can be used in princess dress or in the train of a wedding dress. Price varies according to the texture. Imported organza is relatively high, common domestic tulle is cheaper such as organdy. In addition, we should pay attention to the amount of the material and blending apply of different tulle. For more information about bridesmaid dresses, please visit us!