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Ottawa Chiropractic Center

  • Enhance Your Health by Getting Effective Chiropractic Treatments from Licensed Chiropractor


    Chiropractic is the most unique approach in order to treat patients with spinal and musculoskeletal complaints. Chiropractic care is mainly focused on spinal adjustments by using manipulation by hands and using gentle force on the affected area. This is completely natural healing technique which involves mobilization, spinal manipulation, and a variety of effective therapies and exercises. This is highly beneficial to relieve pain and improve functioning of body. A high quality chiropractic care is perfect treatment for TMJ problems, pinched nerves, migraines, tension headaches and many other health conditions.

    Here are some common therapeutic measures utilized in chiropractic treatment include:

    • Exercise: Most of the cases, chiropractors provide instructions to their patients with several healing exercises which are beneficial to improve a posture and to stretch and strengthen your back, shoulders and neck. These exercises are specially selected by professional chiropractors that can be the best suit to their requirement in order to get rid of any chronic pain and prevent recurrence of any injury.

    • Soft tissue therapy: Soft tissue therapy chiropractic is a deep tissue technique which is perfect to treat adhesions, scars, and many types of musculoskeletal injuries include fascial tension, muscle knots, tendinopathies and tears. Chiropractors provide massage over soft tissues to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and encourage faster healing.

    • Laser therapy: This is very helpful approach to provide fast recovery from any injuries over neck, back and spine. Some research has been proven that most of the sports injuries recover faster with laser therapy. This can also enhance immune response and accelerate tissue repair in the body.

    There are few chiropractors in Ottawa which are specialized in providing comprehensive range of services in order to treat various health conditions of their patients. Dr. Melanie Stewart is a licensed chiropractor who has several years of experience and vast knowledge in a variety of chiropractic techniques. She treats people at her Ottawa chiropractic center located in downtown Ottawa. She also work with children having autism spectrum disorder, scoliosis, ADD and ADHD. She provides them appropriate solutions so that they can get back to their normal life.

    About Melanie Stewart:

    Melanie Stewart is one of the leading chiropractors in Ottawa providing the highest quality of chiropractic services.

    To know more regarding quality chiropractic services, you can log on to Drmelaniestewart.com.