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Types of Laser Treatment

  • We know that it can sound intimidating at first, but don’t worry; it really isn’t alarming. Laser treatment can quickly and comparatively easily give you the best skin of your life.When you choose to enhance your skin and your assurance with laser in Boca, you can be sure you are in the best care available when with us.


    Laser treatment Boca is really skilled. There are many assorted types of lasers, meaning that there are many various conditions lasers can treat. Not only is laser treatment Boca really versatile, but it can also be combined with other treatments and be applicable on all skin types. If you have a major skin concern, contact us to learn more about how lasers can help you specifically.


    Laser treatment Boca is safe and effective at when dealing with:

    • Sunspots
    • Uneven pigmentation
    • Red and brown spots
    • Fine lines & wrinkles
    • Skin laxity
    • Spider veins
    • Hair removal

    There are numerous types of lasers that emit different wave lengths of energy in various intervals to treat different concerns. The most used are three lasers that all produce exceptional renewing and rejuvenating results. Let us discuss some of them now:

    1. Genius:

    This stimulates collagen and elastin by sending thermal energy deep in the dermis. This process provides results while steering clear of damaging the encompassing tissue. this creates thermal coagulation zones at unsettled depths. This exactly targets the contrasting thicknesses of facial and body skin for custom-built treatments. Counting on the size and location of the treated area, a full Genius treatment is typically accomplished within fifteen minutes to an hour.

    1. LaseMD

    This process targets water particles in your skin and heats the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate the creation of your body’s collagen and elastin. This disciplined heat encourages your body’s natural healing consequence to recover the tissues and improve the happening and texture of your skin and treat melanoma, fine lines and wrinkles, sunspots, and crinkled pigmentation.

    1. VBeam

    This pulsed dye laser employs light energy that preys the blood vessels, like those that grounds spider veins, directly, causing them to crash so that your body reabsorbs the them. This laser treatment Boca can also efficaciously treat redness caused by birthmarks, scarring, or severe bruising.

    Lasers can accurately send hyper-focused energy in the form of light or radio frequency to very small, specific places. This means that your laser physician can target specific cells without damaging encompassing tissue. Your board certified dermatologist in Boca can control the laser and the amount of energy that reaches your skin. This is generally done to reach the targeted areas of concern and help you stretch towards your goals easily.