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  • You've introduced an interesting point, Hardline kids clothing free shipping : watches of any kind don't make the best of gifts for kids these days unless a particular kid has demonstrated an interest in watches. Sadly, I think you're right. A few years ago I considered buying my kid sister watch for her high school graduation (I had fun shopping for it) but passed on it when I realized that it would have been completely waisted on her. I might as well be giving her a roller skate key or a kit to clean her tape player heads.

    There is arguably a logic to purchasing an item with the intention of it becoming an heirloom but in that case it seems an odd thing to do if the recipient is a long way from being able to appreciate it. Or, perhaps one shouldn't care what the recipient thinks, since we know better, (i.e. we know that thirty years from now the item in question will have significance)?
    I have 3 son's who fall into this age bracket 13 - 16 y/o ...they would all choose the Seiko 5 sport style watch as an everyday watch.

    Eldest son had this type of watch for his birthday last month and the other two have hinted at this style being on their birthday lists too.

    I can't speak for other people, but my children are useless with their phones....they never seem to have them switched on! (Hmmm or they have them turned on and are ignoring their Mum! ) The phones are usually only on for playing games and only then when they are very, very bored (doctors waiting room etc) or watching xbox game clips on you tube...they are all very sporty boys though, so perhaps prefer 'doing' and being active than locked in mobile phone world.

    Thinking about it my children have always had watches, very cheap and disposable type watches when toddlers though. They have also all been analogue style, this was so that they learnt to tell the time properly, it's only lately as the need for individual alarm clocks has risen that we have had any digital clocks in the house at all.

    I suppose, as has been said, whether a watch is appropriate or not really does depend on lifestyle.

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