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Windows 11 Can Be Downloaded from October 5

  • Users will now be able to officially download Windows 11 to their PC from October 5, 2021. After this date, eligible Windows 10 PCs will start getting free Windows 11 upgrades. In addition, Windows 11 pre-installed PCs and laptops will be available for purchase from October 5.

    Windows 11 is Microsoft's next big update for the popular Windows operating system. Microsoft officially released Windows 11 a few months ago and the operating system has been available to beta testers ever since.

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    Windows 11 System Requirements, Launch Date And Features

    To download and run Windows 11 on your PC or laptop, it must meet certain system requirements, Microsoft said. The device must have 1 GHz dual core processor or better, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, UEFI, secure boot capacity, trusted platform unit 2.0, DirectX compatible GPU 12 and 9 inches with a resolution of 720 inches.

    The new Windows 11 features include a completely new design, redesigned Office 365 and user interface elements. Windows 11 has performance-enhancing features such as DirectX 12 Ultimate, Live Storage and Auto HDR. Windows 11 has a brand new Microsoft Store that will open the door for more individual developers and developers to help bring their applications to the platform. Also, Windows 11 includes a number of improvements, including improved accessibility features.

    With this official announcement, laptop manufacturers are also preparing to upgrade their devices. However, Windows 11 will not receive updates on every device launch day. Moreover, each OEM has given its customers the opportunity to test whether they are eligible to upgrade to Windows 11. You can also check your device's eligibility by visiting the official Microsoft Windows 11 page and following the instructions provided.

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