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  • are not content with the change, refering to costs of around $15 RL Prices to $20 for a corrective and Blueprints being far less compensating than those of Loot Crates. Psyonix and Epic dumped their plunder case and key framework for Blueprints and Credits. Rather than accepting a visually imp...
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Virtual office space

  • Flexible workspace industry provides virtual office spaces for businesses with a combination of various services which these business owners can choose such as space, technology, services such as air condition/heat control spaces, access to drinking water, etc. Without these services, those businesses would bear the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.

    Virtual offices have evolved with time and now days have a variety of personnel, physical space, and digital storage and communication services. This usually involves the customer to pay fees according to their contract which they can negotiate and choose from a variety of options. 

    • This concept is famous among companies of all types, sizes and even among self-employed entrepreneurs.
    • One of the main features of such offices is its flexibility which it offers for employees and freelancers to work from a satellite office, home office, and remote location or even from a mobile device.  
    • Digital capital such as cloud storage, web hosting, email, and other web-based applications are also provided by virtual office providers.
    • Usually, physical services include a business address, mail services (receive, pickup and/or forwarding), conference rooms, desk space, and private offices, etc.
    • Printing and related services such as copying, binding, faxing, scanning, laminating, and shredding are a few add on which are also provided by most of the virtual office providers.
    • Receptionist service and answering services are a part of virtual office assistance
    • There are various digital services few among them are a virtual phone number, online phone system, virtual assistance, website domain, and email.
    • Instant chat and message receive and sending services (virtual communication platform)
    • Additional virtual applications such as cloud-based applications are also available (e.g. Google docs, slides, office 365 and Google sheets)

    Companies and individuals who require a professional identity but do not have the budget for a physical office often register themselves with virtual offices. These spaces are cost-efficient and more reliant and thus new startups, businesses are investing in virtual offices/capital.